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“No more phone calls, call backs, rejections. With the BetterRX app you just go to your phone, order what you need, and it's done.”

-Rokeshia, RN

Guidance you can trust

BetterAI provides 244K real-time recommendations at the time of ordering, including cost-effective alternative drug therapies, formulary assistance, and direction on appropriate dosage of medications.



Get the information you need in real-time while you’re ordering medications. No more chasing down a pharmacist or searching other references.



Stop worrying about which pharmacist is going to answer the phone. Get the right recommendations, at the time of ordering, every time.



The only clinical decision support resource that provides recommendations to your care team without having to place a phone call or do research.


The fastest way to patient comfort

BetterAI ensures patient comfort is achieved in minutes, not days. 


Easier ordering

We’ve taken everything you expect a pharmacist to recommend at the time of ordering and added it to BetterAI. That means you get the information faster and 100% of the time.

BetterAI eliminates costly phone calls, hold times, call backs, voicemails, and unnecessary high cost medications.

Faster approvals

When an off-formulary medication is ordered, BetterAI immediately notifies the approver and allows them to quickly approve the order, or update the formulary, all in real-time.

BetterAI eliminates phone calls, voicemails, call backs, uncertainty about the status of orders, and delays from chasing down approvals and formulary updates.


Smarter fulfillment

BetterAI allows you to find, select, and send scripts to the pharmacy that can provide medications to your patients the fastest. 

BetterAI allows pharmacies to fill scripts 2 to 3 times faster.

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“BetterAI is great!"

“I love the convenience of the BetterRX app! I don’t have to rush to the office and fax from a machine or drive to the pharmacy, I just click and it’s done. It’s so easy and I think everyone should use it!”

- Susan , RN