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 Homecare Homebase Users

Working with a Standalone PBM* may be hurting your patients and your hospice.

* Standalone PBMs use 3rd party ePrescribe and don't integrate with pharmacies.




Standalone PBMs use generic ePrescribe solutions that are NOT integrated with your pharmacy or prescriber. 

That means it could be taking your clinical team up to 30+ steps to order a medication. See the difference. 







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One FULLY integrated solution

BetterRX integrates your EMR, Pharmacies, and ePrescribe technology in one single solution that drastically speeds up medication ordering and saves your staff loads of time.

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Ed Narvaez
Regional Director of Sales


Happy to answer any questions.

I’d be happy to tell you more about our full integration with Homecare Homebase and your pharmacies, and answer any questions about our ePrescribe technology or transparent hospice pharmacy pricing model.

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