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Reduce hours of   unnecessary follow-up

“No more phone calls, call backs, rejections. With the BetterRX app you just go to your phone, order what you need, and it's done.”

- Rokeshia, Director of Clinical Services


By tracking and reducing the following 5 Key Metrics, you can significantly reduce over-ordering of over-priced medications.

1. Delivery %
2. Unrelated
3. Non-Formulary
4. Utilization
5. Optimization

Save each nurse up to 7 hours per week with Better technology.

Attract and retain top staff by improving work-life balance.

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4 reasons BetterRX is Kantime's preferred PBM partner.

New Project (13)

Artificial intelligence for hospice nurses

Managing medications for hospice patients is complicated. BetterAI is pharmacy artificial intelligence created by hospice-trained PharmDs that guides your team when ordering medications.

New Project (11)

ePrescribe built specifically for hospice

From the nurse at the bedside to the pharmacy and prescribers, we built Better ePrescribe with the hospice care team in mind. That’s why Better ePrescribe is the preferred solution for hospice.

New Project (12)

Faster ordering of STATs and first fills

We give nurses and prescribers the right tools to get scripts to the pharmacy faster and help them provide faster symptom relief to patients.

New Project (10)

Pass-through pricing with no hidden fees

Other PBMs make money on medications. BetterRX DOES NOT mark up medications. The pharmacy is reimbursed exactly what the hospice is billed.

BetterRX integrates with your EMR, Kantime.





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