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We put patients first.

Our mission at BetterRX is to help hospice agencies deliver the best care possible to their patients through technology and patient-first PBM practices. Here are 5 things that make us different from other PBMs.


We’re the only PBM using artificial intelligence to improve hospice care.

We've developed an AI with over 244,000 smart recommendations to help nurses provide the right medications to patients. It's like having a pharmacist by your side 24/7 and makes life better for patients, nurses, prescribers, and pharmacists.


We’re the only PBM with our own ePrescribe solution, built specifically for hospice.

Other PBMs may offer ePrescribe, but not their own hospice-focused ePrescribe that they can update and improve on the fly. And others don't offer easy refill management, real-time text notifications, one-click comfort kit customizations, or ePrescribing for both hospice and palliative care patients.


We’ve reinvented the 40-year-old medication ordering process in hospice.

Anyone who has worked in hospice knows the process for ordering and approval of medications can be painfully slow and complicated. We’ve streamlined these processes, saving time for both nurses and pharmacists and resulting in faster symptom relief for patients. 


We’re the only PBM with truly transparent non-spread pricing.

Does your PBM tell you to call your pharmacy and ask how much they got reimbursed? Probably not. That’s because they’re using spread pricing, even if they say they’re not. We use true pass-through pricing on ALL medications, not just those on your formulary.


We’re local pharmacy approved.

We're not a pharmacy because we can't be close enough to every patient to ensure the fast symptom relief they deserve. Instead, we understand that local independent pharmacies are key to better patient comfort. Rather than taking business away from pharmacies by being one, we help them fill 2-3 times faster.

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Nurses Love The App

“I love the ease of BetterRX. The nurses love the app. It allows them to place orders quickly with no errors in translation over the phone.