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One FULLY integrated solution

BetterRX Connect is the only software that connects your EMR, your prescribers, and any pharmacy you want to use (there are already over 90,000 pharmacies in our network nationwide). While Standalone PBMs might integrate with your EMR, they lack integrations with your pharmacies and prescribers which adds extra work to your clinical staff and slows down medication ordering and delivery.

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Higher patient satisfaction

By fully integrating with both Homecare Homebase and local pharmacies, BetterRX eliminates delays in pain and symptom control and allows nurses to spend more time with patients.

Happier nurses and clinical team

Our integration with Homecare Homebase eliminates dual data entry and the risk of errors
while improving the medication management experience for nurses, clinical managers, and prescribers.


Lower Pharmacy & Labor Costs

BetterRX Connect provides the only automated solution for the three biggest culprits of high pharmacy cost:

(1) Number of medications claims per patient
(2) The avg. cost of each medication claim
(3) Relying on a PBM to recommend lower cost alternatives

BetterRX technology also decreases the time spent on the prescription lifecycle and saves nurses up to 10 hours per week.

BetterRX vs. Standalone PBM

Why work with BetterRX vs. a Standalone PBM? Here’s why.


  • Full Integration with EMR, pharmacies, and prescribers or ePrescribe solution
  • Simple medication ordering
  • True pass-through transparent pricing
  • Works with unlimited pharmacy providers
  • Hospice specific ePrescribe
  • Helps improve patient satisfaction
  • Speeds up the prescription lifecycle

3 Steps

SELECT, APPROVE, SEND. Patient comfort.

Standalone PBM

  • Not integrated with local pharmacies or prescribers
  • Complex medication ordering
  • Uses spread pricing with zero transparency
  • Typically dependent on mail-order pharmacies
  • Uses 3rd party generic ePrescribe
  • Disrupts the prescription lifecycle

30+ Steps

Multiple phone calls, voicemails, faxes, call backs, duplicate entry. Patient is still waiting for pain and symptom control.

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“Nurses love the app.”

“I love the ease of BetterRX. The nurses love the app. It allows them to place orders quickly with no errors in translation over the phone. It’s a great service!”

- Emily B., Executive Director