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Amity Hospice grew their census 25%
while steadily decreasing PPD 15%.

Explore the inspiring impact of BetterRX on Amity Hospice, blending innovative technology with compassionate support.

Hospice Heroes

Joni Smith, Vice President and Director of Clinical Services

Lauren Guy, Assistant Director of Nursing


Amity Hospice


Dallas, Texas


Addressing delays in medication delivery, lack of technology, limited cost optimization tools, and pharmacy restrictions posed significant challenges for Amity Hospice before partnering with BetterRX.


BetterRX's technology and clinical support teams enabled Amity Hospice to improve their medication ordering & management processes, helping their care teams provide the gold standard of hospice care.

Amity Hospice, a cherished hospice provider in Dallas, Texas, has found a transformative partner in BetterRX. Before the partnership, Amity Hospice faced significant challenges, including medication delivery delays, clinicians spending several hours manually ordering medications and coordinating with pharmacies, and a limited ability to control costs. BetterRX's cutting-edge technology has enabled Amity Hospice to streamline its medication ordering and management processes, helping its care teams provide top-notch hospice care while optimizing its costs.



“We can’t imagine not having BetterRX. It has really streamlined all of our ordering, our ability to get patients their medications, the communication to physicians, and the software that is used by the field staff and administrative staff is irreplaceable to us.” 

- Joni S., Vice President and Director of Clinical Services


BetterRX's automated workflow has significantly reduced order management time, which includes allowing clinicians to identify the pharmacy and submit the order seamlessly.

As Lauren Guy, the Assistant Director of Nursing, explains, "BetterRX technology makes ordering and managing medications a lot faster. If I go into a home and a patient is experiencing difficulty with symptom management, like shortness of breath, I'm able to get on my phone and click a few buttons and get those medications straight away–whether that means sending it to our pharmacy for delivery or finding a pharmacy within a one-mile radius and get the meds even quicker. It definitely helps a lot in managing medications."


BetterRX's real-time data and insights have also enabled Amity Hospice to control costs effectively. Joni Smith states, "The real-time data provided by BetterRX enables you to have complete visibility of your monthly progress, as well as the progress of your nurses. You can view this data every day, every minute, and immediately see when a medication is entered. This level of visibility helps to prevent overspending and underperformance."


Furthermore, BetterRX's Pharmacy Success Team has been an invaluable ally in enhancing the medication process for Amity Hospice and its patients. Joni Smith explains, "BetterRX has taken the pharmacy management out of my hands. When you need it, they can find a pharmacy, build that relationship for you, and connect you. If you have an outlier patient, they have a pharmacy in the network. So we really have seen less time spent managing the pharmacies with BetterRX."


BetterRX's comprehensive education and support have also helped Amity Hospice improve medication ordering behaviors and control costs. Joni Smith notes, "With BetterRX, you can use real-time data and insights to train nurses who are ordering off-formulary meds or too many meds. You can help and train them to be organized by getting all their medications delivered together and staying within the formulary. You can set your own PPD and get support from the BetterRX staff to achieve your goals."


The partnership between Amity Hospice and BetterRX has not only streamlined medication management and optimized costs but has also positively impacted staff satisfaction. Lauren Guy explains, 


"Being on the clinical staff and interacting with the nurses in a supervisory role, BetterRX has made them extremely happy because it streamlines the process from pharmacy to home. They get on their app, they order the medications, the family gets it, I approve it if it needs to be approved, and we go from there. There is no hold time on the phone; we get to do everything online. It's extremely helpful." 


Amity Hospice's results with BetterRX (over a 3 year period):

  • Amity Hospice grew their census 25% while steadily decreasing PPD 15%.
  • Nearly 1,000 patients lives touched since using BetterRX.
  • Even with a growing census, BetterRX's real-time data and insights kept Amity's delivery fees from increasing.

In conclusion, Amity Hospice's partnership with BetterRX has been a transformative journey, modernizing their hospice operations and ushering in a new era of seamless excellence in medication management and cost optimization.


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"so nice!"

“BetterRX is a real godsend for nurses in the field. Being able to order meds from a patient’s home, keep track of all orders, and do everything from our phones is so nice!”

-Suzanne, RN

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"so nice!"

“BetterRX is a real godsend for nurses in the field. Being able to order meds from a patient's home, keep track of all orders, and do everything from our phones is so nice!”

-Suzanne, RN