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All-in-one medication management.

From the nurse at the bedside to the closest available pharmacy to the prescriber, we built ConnectedRX with the whole hospice care team in mind.

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Hospice-Specific Features

Explore some of the hospice-focused features that make BetterRX the preferred solution for hospice.


Quick and easy mobile ordering.

Exceptional patient care begins at the bedside. Our easy-to-use mobile medication ordering tool helps nurses select the best medication options, get them approved, and keep track of their status from start to finish.

  • Easy mobile medication ordering
  • Simple and intuitive user experience
  • Adjust dosage at the bedside


Real-time medication tracking.

ConnectedRX helps clinical directors optimize ordering habits, increase compliance and improve patient care. 

  • Review, edit, and approve medications orders fast
  • Update your formulary on the fly
  • Automated status notifications




Real-time data and insights to grow your hospice.

All the tools you need to grow your business, increase profitability, ensure compliance with CMS and state regulatory bodies, and provide a high quality of care.

  • 20 Unique real-time reports
  • Set goals and track real-time pharmacy spend
  • Improve star ratings and reputation

Nurse-friendly medication ordering.

Imagine one simple medication ordering process—without the stress of multiple phone calls, emails, or faxes. By digitally connecting the care team on ONE platform, ready-to-fill orders can be sent to the pharmacy in minutes, not hours or days. It’s better for nurses, prescribers, pharmacies, and most importantly, your patients.

  • Real-time PPD tracking & cost alerts

  • Real-time notifications for approvals & signatures

  • Expert medication recommendations while ordering

  • Digitally integrated with EMRs & local pharmacies




A formulary that works for you.

Say goodbye to the hassle of complex formulary changes. Our technology allows you to tailor your formulary to meet your needs—in real-time—saving you valuable time and eliminating tedious processes. The best part? There is no fee to change your formulary!

  • Real-time formulary customization

  • Real-time notifications for off-formulary approvals

  • No extra fees to change your formulary



The right medications. No more, no less.

Our automated technology provides you with real-time data and recommendations to help your team choose cost-appropriate medications of the same therapeutic value, improving nurse ordering habits, enhancing operational efficiency, and reducing unnecessary spend. 

  • Real-time invoices & PPD tracking

  • Real-time cost alerts & reporting suite

  • Real-time formulary control

  • Transparent pharmacy costs




Local pharmacies that have your back.

When local pharmacies find filling prescriptions for hospices worthwhile, hospice agencies have more options for partnering with these pharmacies. BetterRX's dedicated Pharmacy Success Team helps ensure you have access to the right local pharmacies to meet your hospice needs, so patients can receive their medications promptly.

  • Transparent pharmacy costs

  • In-state mail order options

  • 24/7/365 access hospice-trained pharmacists



“BetterRX is easy to use and allowed me to quickly streamline our ordering processes and provide our staff with better education and a better work/life balance. ”

- Courtney, Clinical Director


The Results

BetterRX provides you with the right tools to grow your census and provide better patient experiences.


Faster symptom relief

Give your team the right tools to get medication orders to the pharmacy faster, resulting in faster symptom relief for patients.


Higher nurse retention

Having enough qualified nurses keeps you up at night. Retain good nurses by giving them technology that makes their job easier.


Happier prescribers

Make life easier on your prescribers by giving them tools that allow them to sign and prescribe easily from anywhere. 


It's time to level up.

Your patients deserve better.

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More features and benefits


100% Mobile

Works on every smartphone, no app download necessary.


Unlimited Users

Scale easily as your ADC and team grow.


Easy Refill Management

No need to re-enter orders for refills.


Real-Time Medication History

Improve compliance and clinical outcomes.


Real-Time Data & Insights

Customizable and actionable reports in real-time. 


Drug & Allergy Interaction Warnings

Identify potential problems and interactions at time of ordering.


Remove Faxes & Phone Calls

Eliminate the need to make phone calls for orders and approvals. 


Patient Specific Formularies

Easy one-click customizable formulary updates.


Certified Solution

DEA certified & approved in all 50 states for controlled and non-controlled substances.

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"BetterRX has allowed me to take better care of our hospice patients."

“BetterRX automatically notifies me when there is a medication that needs my attention and allows me to easily take care of it from my smart phone.”

-Bretton, Medical Director

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"BetterRX has allowed me to take better care of our hospice patients."

“BetterRX automatically notifies me when there is a medication that needs my attention and allows me to easily take care of it from my smart phone.”

-Bretton, Medical Director