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“Prior to BetterRX, prescribing of Clls was just… a hassle. With BetterRX I can prescribe a Cll while I’m at the Astros game.”

- Deborah, Medical Director

Hospice-focused ePrescribe features

Explore some of the hospice-focused features that make Better ePrescribe the preferred solution for hospice.


Real-Time Text Notifications

Get medications filled faster by not having to chase down signatures from prescribers.

One Click Comfort Kit Customization

Quickly customize comfort kits for each patient without having to enter medications individually.


Partial Script Orders

Better ePrescribe gives you the ability to quickly send a partial script from a previously confirmed order rather than requiring that a new script be sent.

Why it matters

BetterRX customers grow 15-20% annually because they have the right tools to provide better patient comfort, retain nurses, and keep prescribers happy.


Better patient comfort

Giving nurses and prescribers the right tools to get scripts to the pharmacy faster helps provide patients with faster symptom relief.


Retain nurses

Having enough qualified nurses keeps you up at night. Retain good nurses by giving them technology that makes their job easier.


Happier prescribers

Make life easier on your prescribers by giving them tools that allow them to prescribe from anywhere. 


See Better ePrescribe in action

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More features

100% Mobile

Works on every smartphone, no app download necessary.

Unlimited Users

Scale easily as your ADC and team grow.

Easy Refill Management

No need to re-enter orders for refills. 

Real-Time Medication History

Improve compliance and clinical outcomes.

Real-Time Reports

Customizable and actionable reports in real-time. 

Drug & Allergy Interaction Warnings

Identify potential problems and interactions at time of ordering.

Remove Faxes & Phone Calls

Eliminate the need to make phone calls for orders and approvals. 

Patient Specific Formularies

Easy one-click customizable formulary updates.

Certified Solution

DEA certified & approved in all 50 states for controlled and non-controlled substances.

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BetterRX has allowed me to take better care of our hospice patients."

“BetterRX automatically notifies me when there is a medication that needs my attention and allows me to easily take care of it from my smart phone.

- Bretton, Medical Director