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Ditch the busy work and focus on helping patients feel better.

BetterRX eliminates the back and forth that costs nurses and management loads of time per day.

  • 100% mobile, can be used anywhere.
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to prescribe CII’s.
  • Eliminates verbal orders and paperwork from nurses.
  • Eliminates written signatures and faxes from prescribers at the office.
BetterRX Home

Finally, unique and easy refill management.

  • Supports controls and non-controls in all 50 states.
  • Integrates with any EMR.
  • On the SureScripts network; DEA approved via the Drummond Group.

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“BetterRX and their app have been a real godsend..."

"...as far as being a nurse in the field, being able to order meds from a patient's home, keep track of all orders, and do everything from our phones has made it so nice. They are also great work to work and very friendly staff.”

–Melanie F., RN