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“BetterRX allows our staff to be more efficient and drives our costs down. I wouldn't fill for hospice or LTC without BetterRX.”

-Shane Jensen, Family Plaza Pharmacy

Why it matters

Hospice is built on local pharmacies. Without them, patients can’t get the comfort they need, when they need it. Traditional PBMs are putting local pharmacies out of business everyday by redirecting the most profitable scripts to their own pharmacies. In order for hospice to work, you have to take care of your local pharmacy. We do that.

Why pharmacies love BetterRX

Here are four reasons why local pharmacies love BetterRX.

We’re NOT a pharmacy. We support local pharmacies.
We use 100% transparent pass through pricing.
We help pharmacies fill 2 to 3 times faster with fewer calls and rejections.
We don’t take scripts from pharmacies. We increase their volume.

Pharmacist approved

“With BetterRX we fill scripts 2 to 3 times faster. And it saves my staff a ton of time by removing phone calls and billing rejections.”

Shane, PharmD

“We love BetterRX. No more having to listen to voicemails and spend hours on call backs and inaccurate orders.”

Jensen, PharmD

“BetterRX is the only PBM I’ll work with. It’s allowed me to grow my closed door pharmacy and add several new hospices.”

Larry, PharmD


Is your pharmacy interested in partnering with BetterRX?

Fill prescriptions faster, grow revenue, and say goodbye to spread pricing.