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Alternatives to Oxycontin and Xtampza

Alternatives to Oxycontin and Xtampza for Pain


Pain can be a distressing symptom at the end of life, and if not appropriately managed, can result in patient suffering and decreased quality of life. Thankfully, most hospice clinicians have experience managing moderate-to-severe pain by utilizing available medications, including opioids, in the setting of uncontrolled pain. Long-acting opioid therapy is often required for patients with persistent pain in the hospice setting to provide sustained periods of relief and reduce the need to take immediate-release formulations every few hours throughout the day. The most used long-acting opioids in the hospice setting are methadone, extended-release morphine, extended-release oxycodone (Oxycontin®, Xtampza®), and transdermal fentanyl....Read More