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Finally, a pharmacy system built by pharmacists for pharmacists.

It’s time for a better way.

Run your pharmacy faster, easier, and more profitably.

Fill up to 2 times faster.

Save time with smarter tools for your pharmacy such as automated alerts and a.i.-driven approvals and signatures.

Incredibly easy to use.

BetterRX Pharmacy Cloud is the most intuitive pharmacy system ever created. Little to no training is necessary to be up and running.

Won’t break the bank.

Pricing is based on a simple and flexible Fee Per Script model that matches your volume with no hidden costs.

Mobile, Tablet, and PC Friendly

Fill prescriptions anywhere, anytime.

The BetterRX Pharmacy Cloud is the first and only pharmacy system that works on any device.


Let's talk.

Are you a pharmacy currently filling prescriptions for hospice or looking to work with hospices? Speak with BetterRX today and see how you can increase profits while reducing phone calls and labor costs.