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A common problem hospices face is medication delays. This causes issues for both the staff and the patients who then needlessly suffer. Are you familiar with some of these common problems? Read below and let’s start a discussion.


1. Patient comfort declines

When it comes to medication delays, the true individual who experiences the consequences is the patient. When medications cannot get to them fast enough, they needlessly suffer and  may experience an uncomfortable and undignified passing. 

2. Loved ones experience trauma

Everyone deserves a pain-free, dignified passing; and families deserve a chance to enjoy the last moments with their loved ones. Unfortunately, medication delays can hinder this peace if if your loved one is in pain, and medications are delayed.

3. Nurses, Prescribers & Pharmacies are frustrated

Nurses and prescribers can spend long hours on the phone trying to track down medications because they have to use technology that is not made for hospice. Additionally, pharmacies have to increase their labor costs to keep up with pricing and then get blamed when there are medication delays even though their pharmacy teams are working hard to help patients in need.

4. The real deal with hospice P&L (profit & loss)

The trickle effect of broken hospice pharmacy is high nurse turnover and lower hospice quality scores. 


We can still fix hospice pharmacy.

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