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BetterRX Helps Startup Hospice Keep Goal PPD & Grow ADC from 2 to 111

BetterRX Helps Startup Hospice Keep Goal PPD & Grow ADC from 2 to 111

This case study is about a start-up hospice company who switched over to BetterRX, keeping their goal PPD and grew their ADC from 2 to 111 in 3 years.

The Challenge

Finding a user-friendly platform for staff

This start-up hospice began utilizing BetterRX in 2019 and started very small, with an average ADC (average daily census) of only 2 in January 2020. Since then, they have grown to an average ADC of 111 while maintaining a healthy PPD (cost per patient day). Since they were a start-up, the main challenge was getting a solid, user-friendly system for their staff to seamlessly order and manage medications that would also scale during rapid growth.

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Did you know? BetterRX customers grow 15-20% annually because they have the right tools to provide better patient comfort, retain nurses, and keep prescribers happy.

The Solution

Build a strategic plan to reach client specific goals with quarterly strategy reviews

As with most of the BetterRX hospice partners, the decision was made to focus on a few critical areas for successful implementation:

1. The first was to build a plan to reduce their PPD while increasing their ADC. The steps included:

  • Lean on BetterRX’s free hospice-trained PharmDs for recommending cost-effective medications and appropriate utilization while optimizing patient care.
  • Learn effective ordering habits that reduce pharmacy costs, i.e., ordering a 30-day supply to avoid additional delivery costs.

2. Quarterly strategy reviews with the hospice and BetterRX to review where any adjustments should be made to ensure the hospice was on track to maintain its goal PPD.

“We love the BetterRX system! It’s intuitive, and provides real-time recommendations for nurses who are ordering medications.” - Hospice Nurse

The Results

A seamless BetterRX Platform migration

This hospice partner was able to grow without the headaches of traditional PBM systems due to the BetterRX platform being so easy to learn and implement. Using the BetterRX platform, they successfully reduced their overall PPD, adding staff and growing their ADC quickly. When a new team member joined, they were able to adapt to the BetterRX platform quickly & continue to provide the best patient care.

Growing a hospice start-up is challenging enough, but growing quickly while reducing pharmacy costs speaks to how powerful and easy to use the BetterRX platform is.

Provide better patient comfort. With BetterRX, nurses, prescribers, and local pharmacies have the right tools to get medications to patients quickly.

Modernize your hospice with the BetterRX Connected RX Platform.

Book a discovery call here to discuss the challenges unique to your hospice.

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betterRX_logo_web_1BetterRX's mission is to radically change patient care by ending medication delays that cause needless suffering. BetterRX offers efficient ordering technology, medication tracking, real-time PPD & cost alerts, and committed local pharmacies. Learn more about BetterRX, our CRX PlatformBetter ePrescribe, and Pharmacy tools.

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