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Have you been hearing the phrase ‘Silver Tsunami’ recently? Although not a new concept, it is in relation to aging and what that means for the healthcare industry. Let’s take a closer look at the factors at play!

  1. A wave of aging Baby Boomers

    According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 10,000 people in the U.S. turn 65 every day. From 2020-2030 alone, the number of new seniors (65+) will double! Looking even further into the future, people over 65+ will go from representing 15% of the population up to 20% by the year 20501. That’s a significant increase that will very likely take a toll on the health care system if proper preparations are not made.

  2. Healthcare advances and changing concepts of aging

    Healthcare has come a long way and that has allowed people to now enjoy many more years of life. There is a better understanding on how to address and treat chronic conditions, and more research is being put into how to provide the best care for patients. Additionally, people from the baby boomer generation seems to be much more motivated to take a hold on their health as they age compared to older generations1.

  3. Medical facilities are getting the message

    Medical facilities are already taking steps to be able to accommodate the upcoming wave of baby boomers that will be flooding their facilities in the coming years. Places like the University Hospitals’ Center for Lifelong Health have already started creating programs such as, balance recovery, palliative care and hospice. They recognize that more people are interested in the ability to age in a fun, interactive environment that also has amenities to help them at every step of the aging process.

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