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The Hospice Team and Benefits of Hospice Therapy

You and your loved ones will be cared for by a team that includes the following professionals: Physicians, Nurses or nurse practitioners, Pharmacists, Social workers, and Chaplains.

  1. Comprehensive Treatment Plan

    Your hospice team will work to coordinate all aspects of your care, with the biggest emphasis on symptom management.

  2. Symptom Management

    Common symptoms managed by hospice teams are: pain, nausea, constipation, agitation and anxiety.

  3.  Environment of care

    You have the choice to receive care at home or within a facility.

  4. Patient goals

    Hospice teams customize care based on patient goals and preferences.

  5. Decreased financial burden

    Under hospice, out-of-pocket medical expenses are significantly reduced as hospitalization can be avoided.

  6. Bereavement

    Hospice care continues for the family after a loved one passes.

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