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The Challenge

When you think of challenges, time always seems to be the culprit lurking in the background. Steps in the ordering process that are better automated, such as order submissions and medication requests, for this hospice were still in their infancy. They ordered through calls and submitted paper scripts. The practices bogged down their processes and limited their ability to order medications on time. They spent much time tracking statuses between the prescribers and the pharmacies. All the while, they wished they could focus more on the patient.

The Plan

Our CX (customer experience) and sales team took some time to discover a few areas to help this hospice:

  1. The first step in this process was to focus on how we could save this hospice time. With BetterRX, it’s easy! The mobile-friendly platform allows for prescribing anywhere, at any time.

  2. We discussed and established a PPD goal for success at their hospice. This goal allowed us to formulate a plan so they could be on track to achieving it! So far, they’re on their way to being below their goal.

  3. We focused on training them to utilize the mobile access of the BetterRX software. This training was HUGE for them, and they wanted to make sure their teams felt confident in requesting medications, refills, etc., all through the BetterRX app.

The Results

This hospice success story shows how adapting new technology to streamline processes can significantly impact nurse satisfaction and patient comfort. The ability to order and prescribe medication from anywhere, anytime, is a game changer. It allows team members to spend less time worrying about where medications are and more on taking care of patients.

This is what they have said about taking the leap to move over to BetterRX:

"Switching to BetterRX was the best decision we've made as a hospice"

- David, ED/Owner

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