The Recommended BetterRX Comfort Kit

The BetterRX comfort kit is thoughtfully put together to optimize medication use, decrease caregiver confusion and anxiety, as well as simplify use across as many patient demographics as possible. In these cases, less is more. Below you’ll find considerations for when you’re creating a comfort kit.

  1. Less is more
    Keep the number of medications to a minimum to decrease confusion.
  2. Combine

    Choose medications that treat multiple symptoms to avoid the need for multiple comfort kits.

  3. Educate

    Provide some educational materials to those who may need it.

  4. Be resourceful

    Utilize medications already at home & know that your contracted pharmacy has same day delivery.

  5. Storage

    Be sure to utilize and have convenient storage options.

  6. Dosing

    Make sure there is an ease of dosing and that there are multiple routes of administration if needed.

  7. Have substitutions

    Make sure substitutions are easily converted to equal dosages.

  8. Costs

    Keep medication costs in mind and take time to compare costs at different quantities.

The Recommended BetterRX Comfort Kit

When you sign with BetterRX, we can do a ‘Comfort Kit Audit’ with you to help you reduce product waste! Additionally, we’ll help you find a local pharmacy so you won’t need to order ‘just in case meds’.

  1. Morphine 100mg/5ml (20mg/ml): Give 0.25ml (5mg) po/sl every 30 minutes as needed for pain or shortness of breath (may increase up to 1ml (20mg as needed for increased symptoms) #30ml
  2. Lorazepam 0.5mg tabs: Give 1-tab po/sl/pr every 1 hours as needed for anxiety/agitation or nausea #30 tabs (may give 4 tabs sl/pr every 5 minutes for seizure activity x 5 doses)
  3. Promethazine 25mg tabs: Give 1-tab po/pr every 6 hours as needed for nausea/vomiting
  4. BetterRx Terminal Secretion Education for Families: Helps teach families and caregivers how to manage terminal secretions without the need of medication. You can access for free by visiting here.

Note: Lorazepam tablets are recommended instead of the concentrate. This is because the concentrate requires refrigeration and loses potency if left out. The tablets are small and easily absorbed sublingually.

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