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The Ultimate Solution to EPCS State Mandate Compliance

The Ultimate Solution to EPCS State Mandate Compliance

It’s official, this year thirteen states are enacting Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) mandates. Given the benefits of electronic prescribing (ePrescribing), it's only inevitable that more states will follow suit.

The process of ePrescribing has multiple advantages, such as reducing the opportunity for prescription fraud and opioid abuse, easing prescribers tracking the use of medication while improving outcomes, and cutting down significantly on time-wasting tasks for staff.

Although ePrescribing might be new to you, we've been envisioning and building our Better ePrescribe solution since 2007, implementing advanced technology for your pharmacy such as automated alerts and artificial intelligence (BetterAI) powered approvals and signatures.

We're prepared to help you run your pharmacy faster, easier, and more profitably while adhering to EPCS mandate compliance. 

What Do EPCS Mandates Mean for Pharmacies?

As you’re aware, historically, controlled substances required a wet signature that includes the original prescription sent directly to your pharmacy, a potentially lengthy process which, in the case of hospice, there isn’t time for. However, once the EPCS mandates are implemented, your pharmacy will be prohibited from accepting wet signatures for controlled substances. Pharmacies that continue to take these prescriptions for controlled substances from non-compliant electronic solutions can face fines. It's imperative to note that now (and in the near future) proper ePrescribing is necessary for state compliance, and that means ensuring the organizations you serve are also informed and committed to the most innovative and easy-to-use ePrescribe solution in the industry: Better ePrescribe. 

A New Solution to Generic ePrescribe Technology for Hospice 

Most hospices use generic solutions built for physician practices, often provided to hospice organizations via a third-party (usually through their PBM). Generic ePrescribe solutions frequently don't meet the complexities of the hospice medication workflow, including formulary management and effectively controlling patient medications from multiple geographic locations. Ultimately, this results in many inefficiencies and time wasted with repetitive tasks, follow-ups (Voicemails, emails, callbacks, etc.), and communication gaps in which prescriptions can be "lost," leaving patients waiting for their critical medications. 

BetterRX recognized these profound dilemmas and built a simple and easy-to-use solution that benefits hospice and simultaneously gives you everything you need to manage your pharmacy. Our technology is the only ePrescribe solution designed specifically for the hospice workflow, approved by the DEA, and certified by Surescripts. 

"We built our ePrescribing technology to help patients to be comfortable by streamlining the medication ordering process and eliminating disruptive activities like phone calls, faxes, and rejections."

-Jared Stong, Founder/CEO BetterRX

 Unlike traditional PBMs providing generic ePrescribe solutions and who seem to only focus on profit, we value patient comfort derived from more efficient workflows. Our principles led us to adopt the "un-PBM" nickname for our solutions. As an un-PBM, we do not profit off of prescription volume. Instead, our revenue accrues using a fee per script model and a truly transparent pricing structure. 

Better ePrescribe – A Pharmacist Built Solution

We understand the critical need for hospice patients to obtain their medications in a timely manner. After a life-changing experience with hospice, our founder/CEO, Jared Stong (PharmD), was determined to improve patient comfort. As a PharmD, Jared applied his knowledge and insight to envision an improved pharmacy experience for hospice so that patients wouldn't suffer. He collaborated with several pharmacists who have over 50 years of combined experience specific to the hospice industry to build the BetterRX ePrescribe technology.

This situation led to BetterRX, where we built an ePrescribe solution that enables hospice care teams to order medications with half the steps in half the time. As it happens, our industry-leading ePrescribe technology takes users 30 seconds or less to complete and sends an almost instantaneous text notification of approval or denial for medications. 

Benefits for Pharmacies Serving Hospice

Run your pharmacy faster, easier, and more profitably with Better ePrescribe. When you refer us to the hospices you serve, and we sign a contract with those hospices, your pharmacy will receive immediate benefits:

  1. You'll get 900% more script volume because we'll send all subsequent hospice scripts to your pharmacy.
  2. You'll save on labor hours because your staff will fill prescriptions two-times faster, as all medications sent for your pharmacy will be approved and ready to fill via BetterAI.
  3. We have 100% transparent pricing and reimbursement model, meaning there are no hidden costs.
  4. We manage accounts receivable and invoicing so that you can optimize your time and don't have to worry about collecting from the hospices you serve. 

Remain EPSC Compliant While Saving Time and Money with Better ePrescribe

The BetterRX ePrescribe solution is part of the BetterRX App, which uses BetterAI to guide hospice care teams in ordering the most cost-effective medications with the same therapeutic benefits. The BetterRX App creates connectivity between the hospice, their EMR, and their pharmacy, eliminating communication gaps resulting in a smoother, faster process for ordering and receiving medications. Additionally, BetterRX ePrescribe enables staff to care for their hospice patients from anywhere, allowing them to review and sign prescriptions digitally, wherever they may be. Most importantly, for EPCS compliance, our solution captures the digital prescriber's signature for pharmacies and facilities simultaneously, eliminating the need to fax separate signed orders. In fact, hospices reported saving an average of 10 hours per week, per nurse, because Better ePrescribe virtually eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication between clinical staff and pharmacists. 

Not only do we ensure that you remain EPCS compliant and provide you with smarter tools to succeed, but we also streamline medication workflow for the hospices that you serve. BetterRX technology makes the medication ordering process more accessible and time effective, ultimately benefiting your pharmacy, the hospice you fill for, and the patients that require expedited medication. 

About BetterRX

BetterRX is a technology-driven hospice PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) that uses its propriety artificial intelligence and hospice ePrescribing technology to dramatically improve patient comfort. BetterRX’s artificial intelligence engine provides over 244,000 evidence-based clinical recommendations for ordering, clinical effectiveness, and lower-cost alternatives. For more information, visit http://www.BetterRX.com.

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About BetterRX

betterRX_logo_web_1BetterRX's mission is to radically change patient care by ending medication delays that cause needless suffering. BetterRX offers efficient ordering technology, medication tracking, real-time PPD & cost alerts, and committed local pharmacies. Learn more about BetterRX, our CRX PlatformBetter ePrescribe, and Pharmacy tools.


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