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This case study explores a new hospice partner's challenges, plan, and results!

Ordering latencies, Homecare Homebase integration issues & cumbersome processes

Have you ever felt your processes need to be shorter and there must be a better way? That’s how this hospice felt. Typically, admitting patients for them would take up to 20 minutes, and they also experienced latencies in their ordering processes. Additionally, they had issues with their integration between Homecare Homebase and Enclara. These issues inhibited their ability to provide patient care quickly and order medications effectively. Their nurses would have a full load of work to do (during and after hours), making calls to the pharmacy to ensure orders had been received and calling Enclara to check that somebody had documented everything correctly. Their nurses and staff were frustrated by these delays. Not only was it cumbersome for them, but it also hindered their ability to provide the best patient care.

Fixing ordering processes and latencies & integrating with Homecare Homebase

Our CX (customer experience) and sales team took some time to discover a few areas to help this hospice:

  1. We worked on addressing the overall ordering process. The BetterRX app eliminates phone calls, and nurses can order medications with just a few button clicks. No more miscommunications or low visibility into medication statuses.

  2. We fixed their medication ordering latencies. By placing orders through the BetterRX app, you can utilize automated text alerts to know where medications are and when they are ready across your entire team. They no longer need to log into a third-party ePrescribe.

  3. We ensured they could integrate with their current EHR Homecare Homebase, one of the many EHR partners with which we seamlessly integrate! This integration allows them to minimize all the other manual processes they had to do previously.

A successful transition to BetterRX

The results from this hospices transition to BetterRX have shown to be very successful so far! Their administrative and nursing team is anticipating saving upwards of 20 hours a week because they no longer will have to do all the extra manual steps. They will have complete visibility into their medication ordering, and orders will be sent to the pharmacy faster. Nurses will now be able to focus more on patient care and comfort, which is what they hoped to do from the start.


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