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COVID-19 rapidly changed the way we practice medicine. To slow the spread and protect vulnerable patients from infection, hospices were forced to adjust care protocols fast. Recommendations to limit in-person interaction propelled telemedicine forward as the obvious care solution. The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) responded by relaxing telemedicine requirements to prevent further disruptions of hospice care during the pandemic. It should be noted that audio-only visits still do not satisfy CMS telehealth requirements, as both audio and video real-time interactive capabilities are needed. 

Hospices needed a HIPAA and CMS compliant telemedicine solution fast but lacked the budget or time to shop around for one, and so BetterRx stepped in to help. As a technology-forward company, BetterRx, sought an accessible and user-friendly telemedicine option. 

"Since hospice nurses nationwide are already using BetterRX to care for patients by managing their medications, we thought it would be a great idea to offer them a mobile-friendly HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution as well. We're excited we found one that is free and easy to use in Doxy.me," said Jared Stong, BetterRX CEO.

Telemedicine encompasses more than doctor/patient visits. “It’s about keeping people safe during this emergency, but it’s also about offering compassion wherever possible,” explained Brandon Welch, the founder of Doxy.me. “We're honored that we are in a position to make a difference in the world with our technology. We believe everyone should have access to telemedicine, and we are committed to working with BetterRX to help hospices get up and running on our platform."

Doxy.me uses advanced security and encryption protocols to meet HITECH and HIPPA requirements but is compatible with most mobile devices and desktop browsers.  

For more information or to get started visit https://www.BetterRX.com/Doxyme


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